Bacteria Testing & Cleanup

Bacteriological problems can cause serious illness. The contamination is often caused by bird droppings or animal wastes, and being near the source can lead to skin and eye infections or respiratory illness from breathing airborne toxins.


Not only is it difficult to treat effectively but it must be treated in accordance with OSHA and CDC guidelines. Therefore proper analysis and treatment of these problems requires in-depth training and experience. That’s why so many companies in the Denver area rely on S&R Environmental to find solutions for their bacteria problems.


How We Help You

  • Interviewing the building’s occupants to pinpoint their symptoms
  • A thorough inspection of your building, taking test samples of affected areas
  • Establishing what kinds and levels of bacteriological problems are present
  • Determining to what degree bacteria levels are elevated


After all this, we deliver a detailed report of our findings along with a remediation plan.

The Importance of Professional Help

Some think that the bacteriological cleanup process is simple and straightforward. However, the residual effects of bacteria problems can be extensive and widespread. Companies that try to resolve these issues on their own may inadvertently endanger their employees and damage the environment. This is why using an experienced, full-service environmental consulting firm is important.


At S&R, our professional staff includes a Toxicologist who has extensive experience working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and government public health. Our analysis and reporting is done in collaboration with environmental experts who provide scientific oversight and ensure the cleanup effort corrects the health problem safely and effectively.